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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Peraduan Foto Memukau by freshie belok

I've been invited by farz zull to join this contest of his. The contest ends tonight by 11.59pm. Click the banner now if you wanna join.

Sori, but I don't have any pics of me being in Penang. The last time I went there was years ago, huhu~.. But like what everyone else says, Penang is widely known for its food (if you juz ignore the cleanliness of the island, hehe...)

I totally love pasembor~!! They're so delicious! And the best pasembor is of course from Penang. Although it's also available in other states, but all that can beat the original, hehe...

Credits to Google
And apart from that, I'm in love wif jeruk (pickled fruits, hehe..) When I was in Penang wif my class after PMR, we went to this market that sold loads of jeruk! And recently, my mom brought back jeruk from Penang (I requested, hehe...) I wrote about it in this entry here.

Yummy jeruk that my mom bought~..
So yeah, to me, Penang is all about FOOD~!!! >_<


farz zull said...

thanks so much for joining!! Yeayhh, penang is all about the food, I dont like pickles much, but Char Koey Teow menu wajibb! Hehehe

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

@farz zull: hehe..ur welcome.. >_< owh, u like char kuey teow? yummy too..hehe..