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Monday, 31 December 2012

22th Birthday GiveAway

I'm joining this GA by Anis Athia, in conjunction wif her 22nd b'day. The GA runs until 22nd February 2013. Click the banner above to join.

Juz wanna wish Anis:

Wish me luck~!! ^_^


Anis Athia said...

yeay! tq for the wishes :)
tq sudi join giveaway anis, selamat tahun baru ^_^

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

@Anis Athia: most welcome.. hepi new yr.. ^_^

Iyraa Cariyno said...

dari segmen yang sama,jemputlah ke blog iyraa :)

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

@Iyraa: ok dear..