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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ephyra Idaman Saya

photo 2

This contest is organised by Eyriqazz. It runs until 24th November 2013. If you wanna join, do click on the banner above.

Actually, I found out about Ephyra from my blogger fren, Ina a.k.a IntaNBerliaN. She is also an Ephyra user, juz like Eyriqazz. According to Ina, after several days of drinking Ephyra (which she stated tastes like orange juice), she could produce more breastfeeding milk and her face looks good too. Lucky for her, her testimonial was posted on Ephyra's instagram.

As for the organiser himself, Eyriqazz stated that after using Ephyra, he's more energetic now & his face looks brighter too. And he has clearly explained everything there is to know about Ephyra.

Why I want Ephyra? My face is oily type, I can never wear any compact powder or make-up becoz of this. Every few minutes, my face will be oily, huhu~... I've tried many facial cleansers but haven't found one that can make my face oil-free even for a few hours. So, probably, Ephyra can solve my problem, hehe...

Plus, it has lots more benefits too. Here's what I got from Ina's post:

Contest ini dianjurkan oleh dan ditaja oleh

Wish me luck~!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


shidasyakirin said...

good luck Nisa!

Khairul Zamri said...

Good luck untuk contest ini ye :)

IzZa HaDi said...

Hi all!
Berminat nak mencuba Ephyra?

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Seriously, grab this GREAT deal! Sementara stock masih ada!

Yours truly,
Izza (Pengedar Sah Ephyra)