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Monday, 10 February 2014

GA Sempena Anniversary JS Shoppe

I'm joining this GA by Jom Singgah Shoppe. It is in conjunction with the owner's wedding anniversary & her daughter's b'day. If you wanna join, juz click on the banner above. It ends on 15th February 2014.

The overview
JS Shoppe sells all sorts of clothing for women & children, beauty & health products, plus Malaysian traditional snack~... The prices are very reasonable, plus if you live near Batang Kali, you'll save on postage charges.

Women clothing
Girls nowadays are more into skirts compared to pants. That's why JSS has various kinds of skirts in store!

Skirt kembang (link)

Skirt kembang Siti (link)

Skirt Kembang Belang

Skirt belang kembang (link)

Skirt Pallazo dengan harga murah

Skirt Pallazo (link)

Skirt Mermaid (link)

Skirt Mermaid serong (link)

Other clothing that are up-to-date with the current fashion:

Jubah Kerawang (link)

Chiffon Dress (link)

Lollipop Chiffon Dress (link)

Children clothing & products
There are also cute clothing & products for the little ones~~~ >w<

Seluar Aladin Polkadot (link)

Pyjamas Holabebe (link)

Thomas & Frenz Foam Book (link)

Beauty & health products
Products to boost your confidence.. ^_^

Shaklee Vitamins (link)
Customer's testimonials (link)

Slim Diet II (link)
Customer's testimonial (link)

Foot detox patch (link)

Genius Xtra (link)
Customer's testimonial (link)

Malaysian traditional snacks
Snacks for your home, office & other occasions~...

Mini popia simpulan kasih (link)

Serunding (link)

Interested wif any of the products above? You can browse more of them at the following links & place an order if you like to make a purchase: 
http://www.kedaiserbanekakelantan.blogspot .com

FB -

FanPage -

Email - SMS / Whatsapp - 0199517292

Special wishes
To the owner & spouse, I wish you a Hepi Anniversary & may the both of you stay lovingly together until jannah. May JS Shoppe bloom wif success as well~!! 

As for the cute little girl, Hepi B'day~!! Hope you grow up to be a smart & solehah girl, amin~..

Wish me luck~!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

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