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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hannah Husna's 3rd B'day GA

*Click here for the results*

Salam n hye everyone~!!

My kawaii no musume (cute daughter, hehe..) is turning 3 years old on 23rd April 2012! So, to rejoice her 3rd b'day, I'm gonna organise a giveaway for you to join & try a hand at winning the gifts that I have to offer, hihi~.. >_<

To join, juz click the banner above, or go to my personal blog. :3

A teaser of the prizes:

3 Hong Kong Disneyland keychains

a fridge magnet from Hong Kong

a fridge magnet from Taiwan

a pencil case from Vietnam

5 felt keychains from Greennnpanda Craft

and...err...more prizes if participants are more than 50.. X3

Well, I do hope you can join. Hihi~... ^_^

Thanks for joining & happy blogging~!!

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showmeshawlsecrets said...

j0m j0in GA kat ;-)