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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Second GA by Rochelle_Secret.

I'm gonna join this GA by Rochelle. The prizes are super awesome! Juz click the banner above to join. ^_^

The awesome prizes that you would make you drool~... XP

Hadiah Hadiah!
1.Three random stuff for 2 winners by Miraa 
2. Dua cursor nama  untuk dua pemenang by Diana.
3.Dua Blogger pins untuk 2 pemenang by Eca.
4.Voucher RM30 for 1 winner by Lovebag Lovebag.
5. 1 pair of Contact lens + Lens case +piece Inner + piece Shawl +  piece Ribbon for 1 winner by Aimie.
6.Seutas Rantai untuk 1 pemenang by Irrah.
7. Two chains for two winners by Syamimi.
8.2 angrybird keychains for 2 winners by Nurain.
9. Two units of brooches for 2 winners by Hotz Mumma
10.Three Owl necklaces for 3 winners by Awan Nano.
11.Baucer for 20 person by Halim.
12.Two Handbag with different  by Nur Amani.
13.Topup RM10 for 4 winner by Nur Hannani
14.One piece of Pinafore for 1 winner by Liyana

I'm gonna tag:

Wish me luck~!! ^_^

Join my GA~!! ^_^


RochelMayMei said...

Thnks join dear . boleh cek di Takut tersilap link nanti.

Rochellez said...

Dear ! Veryy sorry tau sebab Rochelle kene batalkan GA Rochelle . Nanti Rochelle buat simple GA lagii . Join tau ! huhu . Ni blog bru .