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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

1st giveaway by syakilla syed alwi

I'm gonna join this GA organised by Syakilla. The GA ends on 16th June 2012. Juz click on the cute banner above to join.

I must say, this GA is absolutely awesome as there are loads of prizes offered. Wanna know what they are? Let me list them out for you. (plz be reminded that the pics are for illustration purposes only, hehe.. all from Google..) XD

1x pink dress

2x wrist watches

6x earrings

3x brooches

3x RM5 topup

1x owl necklace

10x blog editing (blogskin)

10x cute header

10x name cursor

10x animated banner

Proofs that I have followed/liked her blog & FB page:

To Syakilla, I would like to say:

Thanks for organising this superb GA. You have such a kawaii blog. And a cute header as well. (which she made 100% by herself!!)

May you keep on blogging~... and gain success in your studies, hihi~..

I'm gonna tag:

Kak Nida



Wish me luck~!! ^_^


AkmaFaizal said...

good luck..jemput join ga saye

~AiMi SyAhiRAh~ said...

Salam Aidilfitri! Buat para blogger di luar sana!! Jom join contest ini! 3 pemenang bertuah akan mendapat duit raya EDISI TERHAD sampul wajah saya!!;) Klik untuk maklumat lanjut.