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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mini Giveaway by CikHannah : Jom Jejalan

I'm gonna join this GA by CikHannah (same name as my daughter, hehe..). The deadline of the GA is yet to be confirmed.But there are loads of prizes to be won! >_< Juz click the banner above if you're keen on joining.

I would like to suggest these places for CikHannah & her family to go to during their vacation:

Cameron Highlands

- such a nice & calm scenery
- you can indulge in the yummy strawberries there, hehe..
- experience a cool climate up in the hills..


- it's such a beautiful island
- it has lots of attractive places to visit

What I like about Scarfsweethoney's blog:

* the blogshop seems customer-friendly.
* customers can get instant updates of the blogshop by subscribing to their feeds.
* in the posts, there are buttons like "Click to Order" & "Add to Cart" which is very convenient for customers to make purchases.
* Scarfsweethoney also provides tutorials for the hijabs that they sell

Wish me luck~!! ^_^

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Sweethoney Team said...

Thanks for the points!