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Monday, 20 February 2012

Friday, 10 February 2012

Short but Meaningful Contest by eyza & nad

I'm gonna join this contest by Nad & Eyza-chan, members of GENG fiQ'Ra. This contest ends today, by 11 a.m. So hurry & click the banner above if you feel like joining, OK? >_<

Here's a fiction I made up juz now. Not related to anyone alive or dead. Enjoy reading~!! XP (click the pics for better reading)

So that's it then. Hope you had fun reading it, hehe.. And hope that you could get the message out of the story. ^_^

Wish me luck~!! ^_^

Luna Shoppe's Giveaway

I've been tagged by Haifa Nadia to join this contest. It's organised by Luna Shoppe. The contest runs until 20th February 2012. Click the banner above if you wanna join, OK?

I'm gonna tag:

Wish me luck~!! ^_^

Thursday, 9 February 2012

What's Your Name Contest

* sticky post until 9th February 2012 *

Salam n hye everyone~!!

For the 10th activity of GENG fiQ'Ra, I have partnered up wif Mizzs Ninie to organise a contest. This contest will run for a short period only, so do come & join now~!!

Contest period: 3rd February - 9th February 2012 
(before 11.59 p.m)

Juz click the banner above if you wanna join this contest of mine. Hihi~.. ^_^

List of Participants for What's Your Name Contest

Salam n hye everyone~!!

Below are the names + links of those who joined my contest. Do check if your link is in the list. >_<

1. iela_kiera
2. nuyui a.k.a miss YUI
3. Aqilah Khairri
4. Anis Sabrina
5. Cik Rose
6. AesYa:)
7. MisS nadRAH
8. gadismanja
9. rishah
10. aisyah ecah

12. Arra Ahmad
13. Datin Qat ST
14. Miera Bradley
15. HaNiFaH HiDaYaH
16. zahidahwahid
17. nuha zahari
18. wan niahx
19. Cik Angah
20. NiaLidia

21. Ieya Nadiya
22. Zamani
23. Qienah
24. Joel Leslie
25. Gadis Bertudung Merah
26. azelyusoff
27. nur_za
28. 2EV1
29. NiGhTiNaNgLe_FARA
30. era kecik

31. Nabila Medan
32. Darwish
33. profmie
34. gades pelik
35. Shera Ismail
36. aWaNiS cLoUdY
37. nanieybarnieylurviey
38. aLoWeRRa KID's
39. Miss Nadya
40. cPenglipur

41. zatieebayim
42. Nur Anisah
43. abazilah
44. CekbOlat-bOlat
45. afina rahmat
46. Azmi Khan
47. Miera Akmalina
48. gadis pekan
49. einz
50. NadyaBubble

52. Ira Nur
53. cik ayuni
54. eyzahviolet
55. Jay Joseph ^^
56. Puteri Auni Kamaruzzaman
57. Eza Boom Boom
58. Rapunzel Cikilolo
59. shidasyakirin

61. e-lyana
63. Aini_styl3
64. Hamizah :D
65. bunga sakura
66. syerah a.k.a cik teddybomb
67. IntaNBerliaN
68. Sofea Riena
69. mieraa mohamad
70. ecadwinkyasha

Thanks for joining & stay tuned for the results soon~!! ^_^

Contest Gambar Cute Face by Cahaya wahyu & Fazi isma

I'm gonna join this contest by Cahaya Wahyu & Faz. Both of them are GENG fiQ'Ra, juz like me, hehe.. This contest ends today, by 6 p.m. So hurry & join now by clicking the banne above.

These are the proofs that I have followed both their blogs...

I dunno if I'm cute enough to join this contest, but here's a pic of me wif my fren Asha. This was taken before we performed for our play, Romeo & Juliet. Yup, I was Juliet, haha.. XD

I'm gonna tag:

Wish me luck~!! ^_^

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Contest sweet sour friends by Wan Niahix & Nur Ayi'en

I'm gonna join this contest which is organised by Wan & Ain, my blogger frens & also members of GENG fiQ'Ra. The contest ends tonight, so hurry & click the banner now if you wanna join~..

Truth to be told, I'm more closer to online frens rather than my frens in real life. Why? Coz in reality, my frens are always busy, they don't have time to hang out wif me. So I always feel alone & lonely~.. T_T

Dakara~.. That's why I turn to online frens. Online frens are always there for me, even though I've never met them, but we seem close. Some of my close frens from the Internet are Ina, Azmi-kun, Achie, Wan, Yui, Mas, Nia, Nana-chan, Nabila & Kak Nida.

So far, my best online fren is Ina. She's more known as IntaNBerliaN (her blogger ID). This friendly mother of a cute daughter named Alisha now lives in Sungai Petani.

stolen taken from her blog, hehe..
Alisha wif her mother (my fren), Noor Zarina Ahmad Tazari
She has been my fren since from my old blog up until now. We got to know each other after joining many contests. Then our frenship blossomed after we visted & frequently commented on each other's blog, reading & understanding how our lives are.
I have shared a lot of my problems & my hepi moments wif Ina. She really does mean a lot to me. She's my BFF, hihi~.. Whenever I'm down or sad, I always SMS her or message her on Facebook. Ina will always have a nice thing to say, to soothe my emotions & to cheer me up. ^_^

She know almost evrything about me, and so do I of her.. Hehe~... ^_^ That's why I love Ina very much. She has been so kind & nice to me. I wish to meet her & Alisha one day, insyaAllah~...

Gomenasai.. Sori Wan & Ain.. I don't have a pic of me together wif Ina.. Huhu~.. ">_<

Wish me luck~!! ^_^

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Wish Us Luck Contest

I'm gonna join this contest by Aisyah & Nifah. The contest ends at 9th February 2012, before 12 midnight. Juz click on the kawaii banner above if you wanna join too.

Since Aisyah & Nifah have exams coming up, here are some wishes from me~....

Wish me luck~!! ^_^

Contest Teka & Menang by Miera and Nabila

I'm gonna join this contest organised by Nabila & Miera. The contest ends 9 February 2012. Click on the cute blue banner above to join, OK?

So, I've got to guess how many stars there are in the pic below...

Errmmmm...... ">_<

I'm guessing there are around 104 stars in the pic. Hihi~... XP

Wish me luck~!! ^_^

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Contest DUIT & MIMPI by YUI & EZA

I'm gonna join this contest by Yui & Eza-chan. The contest runs until 10th February 2012. Click the banner above to join, OK?

1stly, I've gotta guess the sum of money in the pic below....

I'm guessing that the total is RM57.01, hehe~.. >_<

2ndly, what is my dream? Errmm....

Yup, that's right. My dream is that "I wish to graduate from UM this year wif flying colours~!!" Hope that dream comes true, hihi~.. ^_^

I'm gonna tag: