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Friday, 6 September 2013

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Last March, my family, relatives & I went to India. The reasons why we went there:
1. to visit my brother who's studying there
2. to visit (for the first time) our Indian relatives. (my late grandfather is of Indian descent)
3. to have fun & shop till we dropped!

I still haven't wrote about my trip to India on my main blog, but will do so when I have the time, hehe... >_<

Anyway, now let me state why you should go have a vacation in India:
1. the ticket fare is quite reasonable
2. you'll feel like a billionaire there bcoz the currency rate is very low. We spent 6 days in India, and after counting how much we spent, it's below RM1000 per person for a two-way ticket, 5-night stay & food as well.
3. it's a shopper's heaven! You can buy sarees, carpets, shawls & all sorts of souvenirs
4. That day I went to Kerala & Chennai. Kerala is said to be the cleanest state in India (although it's not very clean). It has nice beaches & lovely scenery. So it's better than going to Delhi where the it's far more expensive & quite busy with people.

I'm thinking about going to India again mayb next year. Mayb to Kashmir & Agra next time, hihi~..

My family & relatives boarding the flight to India

Me & my sis

Buying sarees

A beach in Kerala

We're having fun!!

Malaysian + Indian relatives

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